Athens - Thessaloniki - Nafplio - Florina

performing places and stories of resilience:
four cities, ten departments, one participation
curators' text

student exhibition space:
a tent stage

Στιγμιότυπα / Instant dreams

Department of Theatre Studies, School of Arts, University of the Peloponnese (UOP)

Assi Dimitrolopoulou, Special Teaching Staff


The experience of the pandemic changed our perception and gradually shaped a different experience of our relationship with public and private space. Challenging the boundaries between real and imaginary/conceptual experience becomes a tool for experiencing space by creating worlds of sensations attractive to the imagination and memory. The memory of the quarantine experience being recalled, space is transformed and reconsidered through desires, memories, dreams and imaginary stories and is recreated in a surrealistic mood or through the memory and exchange of personal stories. The presentation of the students’ work was based on a series of creative/experiential assignments during the courses Scenography II spring semester 2021-22, Scenography I winter semester 2022-23 and Scenography: Installation and Intervention in the Public Sphere in winter semester 2022-23. The final outcome of the assignments was either captured in photographs of short performances or presented as a performance event in public spaces that had an experiential relationship with the students through their cultural/social knowledge of the specific site.


Nasia Averkiadi, Ioanna Adam, Eugenia Symela Armeni, Maria Varsou, Marilina Gianni, Eirini Gkotsi, Styliani Daktyla, Silia Kakolyri-Vai, Evagelina Kariofilli, Eleni Kotzamani, Dimitra Kostoula, Katerina Lampathi, Elena Lougkou, Stella Malliora, Maria Mouzaki, Katerina Mytili, Fragkiskos Papadakis, Georgios Papadopoulos, Alexandros Papatheodorou, Alexandra Sarantopoulou, Sofia Stergiopoulou, Kalliopi Sotiriou, Dimitra Tsangouri, Katerina Tsolaki, Marilena Stefanidi, Anna Chatzipapadopoulou