Athens - Thessaloniki - Nafplio - Florina

performing places and stories of resilience:
four cities, ten departments, one participation
curators' text

student exhibition space:
a tent stage

The cities and the city

School of Drama, Faculty of Arts, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTH)

Lila Karakosta, Professor in Scenography

Irini Agianiti, Niki Ledaki


The city of Thessaloniki as a synthesis of material and immaterial elements: history, architecture, social and spiritual life. The “historical city” with its transitions: the Ancient city, the Roman, the Byzantine, the Ottoman and, finally, the modern Greek city with its multicultural character. The multiple faces of the city. The transformation of the city through historical events: the fire of 1917, the arrival of refugees in 1922, the annihilation of the Jewish population in 1943. The “modern city”, with its particularities and contradictions, as a living archive, but also as a unique experiential space. Application: From the “imaginary city” to the “real” one, from Italo Calvino’s Invisible Cities to the “visible city”, Thessaloniki. Means of expression: collage, assemblage, maquette. Final synthesis: a collective artwork.


Irini Agianiti, Stavriana Dolme, Irini Zahariou, Anna Ischnopoulou, Iriri Theodosiou, Varvara Karasaridou, Irini Kyrifides, Toulin Osman, Panos Mitselis, Stefania Pantazopoulou, Despina Papadimitriou, Theodora Sarri, Dimitra Tsintsini, Konstantina Tsolakidou, Vivian Fliouka, Olympia Charalampidou, Louiza-Maria Charalampous, Ernesta Chatzilemonidou, Chrysa Chatzimichael