Athens - Thessaloniki - Nafplio - Florina

performing places and stories of resilience:
four cities, ten departments, one participation
curators' text

student exhibition space:
a tent stage

“Then – shuts the Door”

LSA Scenography Lab (LSA)

Maria Chaniotaki, Head of LSA

Afroditi Pouchtou, Elena Mesadou, Martha Mavri, Vasia Bizinti, Maria Chaniotaki


Through the artistic research that began in May 2022, the group of students created a project of their own. In order to find what lies within the nature of each one of us and of the group as a whole, a series of questions and freely gathered material led to a search for the poetic dimension through the rare and unique “within” us. The search for a place without people, the Athens of the pandemic. The silence of a city at a standstill. Houses, refuges of intimacy, in which many different parallel stories unfold. The source of inspiration is the narrative of the place itself, the real life of the city and the new reality of the internet. The question remains, however, until the last day of PQ23: What experience does our unique story, with its parallel different stories, create for the spectator, for their own story -if there is one- and how can it be shared with us?


Vasia Bizindi, Anrietta Gkioni, Alkmini Damianakou, Lena Drazinou, Maria Darmou, Marianna Juti, Sofia Kyriakidou, Angeliki Manta, Katerina Margariti, Martha Mavri, Katerina Merkouri, Sofia Panagiotopoulou, Afroditi Pouchtou, Sissi Tentzeri, Anastasia Tsigkou