Athens - Thessaloniki - Nafplio - Florina

performing places and stories of resilience:
four cities, ten departments, one participation
curators' text

student exhibition space:
a tent stage

Student Exhibition Space: A Tent Stage

Design: Lila Karakosta

This lightweight, assembled, polymorphic, metal structure was designed to act as an “umbrella”, literally -in the outdoor PQ23 student exhibition space- as well as metaphorically, housing the exhibits and performative actions of the several participants in the Greek Student Exhibition at PQ23 (10 Departments). When the tent stage functions as an exhibition space, the viewer can walk around it to see the exhibition banners of the Schools, or watch the videos on the monitor at a nearby stand. As seen in the floor plan, the construction is included in the 5.00m x 5.00m square, leaving a free corridor at the perimeter. Five frames measuring 2.00m (width) x 2.40/3.00m (height) are joined on a central axis creating five triangular “subspaces” covered with canopies. The frame that emerges centrally can occasionally function as a bucca. The banners can be easily removed and the structure can be turned into a stage for performances and other actions, with the audience watching from the front. During PQ23, each Department will have in turn one day to present their projects and live work using as well as transforming the construction in any performative way they can imagine.